Portsmouth Yardstick Reduced to …..?…..!!!!

Blimey – which Clubs are submitting yardstick reports for our Class?!?!    The Portsmouth Yardstick for Open Fleet boats (sail numbers 3401 and upwards) has been changed for 2014.

It has been reduced to, wait for it,….. 1017

I’m staggered to be honest.  I used to run our personal handicap scheme, so I have a feel for this.  My view is that if you race at a Club where you depend on handicap racing, then buy a classic or silver !!

You can see the RYA page by clicking here.  Then select the download in the right hand column labelled “2014 PN”

One thought on “Portsmouth Yardstick Reduced to …..?…..!!!!

  1. 1) If you are just sailing other 15’s then the change in PY makes no difference at all.
    2) If you are worried that your new Ovington is going to be overtaken by a classic or silver then the PY needs to be sub 1000.
    3) If its handicap sailing you are involved in then in my view classic or silver PY should fall proportionally. At my club 15’s have held a huge advantage over the handicap fleet for a very long time.

    I’ll take my stick out of the hornets nest now !!!!

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