Datchet Open for the Mercedes Trophy – Day One ….!!

Datchet Day One 2014 SunshineThe 14 crews (7 visitors) which made the slipway for day 1 of the Datchet open were greeted with 15-17 knots of breeze, mostly blue skies and an odd orange orb hanging in the sky and the promise of a great days sailing.
The PRO signalled his intent to run 3 races on a windward leeward course.  The first race led to some jostling for the start and an individual recall, however everyone was convinced it wasn’t them and it was only at the finish that 3821, 4024 and 3559 discovered that they had been a bit quick off the mark. The following races saw somewhat cleaner starts from the fleet!
All races contained tight fleet racing meaning that the results overnight are also rather close.
The forecast for tomorrow is for more blue skies and sun with slightly less breeze but hopefully still enough for the fleet to have another 3 good races.
Datchet 2014 Results Day One

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