Urgent – Check Your Insurance….!!

If you are using the BIFFA approved insurance scheme with UKGlobal, then your renewal date for your F15 was 1st Feb. However our records state that nearly 50% of you have not yet confirmed renewal! You will have received an email from us with your specific renewal terms. An official reminder is to follow in due course.

Please check your Junk folder if you’ve not seen it. If you’ve still not got it, then please contact either Jerry or Natalie ASAP as technically speaking you are not currently insured should there be an incident that gives rise to a claim:

·         Jerry Dungate on 01883 333 512 / jerry.dungate@ukglobalgroup.co.uk; or

·         Natalie Surridge on 01883 333 522 / natalie.surridge@ukglobalgroup.co.uk

To summarise UKGlobal have managed to freeze rates with the insurers (based on existing sums insured and unaltered claims experience) and in addition the renewal date in 2015 will be moved to 15th March at no extra cost to you.

If you’ve not yet renewed your policy, then please contact Jerry or Natalie to ensure your craft is protected.”


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