Stainless Tubing for Tillers….??

Just a note for those who have stainless steel fabricated tiller hoods on their Fifteens. A couple of years ago when I was restoring 3130 (my current Fifteen) I had to re TIG weld a couple of seams on the tiller hood that had failed due to stressing from normal use. Stainless is all well and good but is actually quite brittle. When the heat was applied from the TIG torch several hidden to the naked eye cracks lit up like a Christmas tree revealing stress faults and could have easily failed when under load. A simple check is to remove the tiller and heat the tiller hood with a blow torch and any cracking will become visible.

Jordan Aspin

1 thought on “Stainless Tubing for Tillers….??

  1. I Also had a stainless tiller hood crack in use and was horrified at the cost of a new one so Having access to a guillotine, press brake and punch I made a new one. Total time about 10mins and material costs (zero out of scrap bin) but in reality maybe a pound where does the difference come from? remember mine was a one off if you were making a few I estimate you could knock out about 20 in 1 hour so say £40/hour for technician and £20 for machine time that’s still only £4 each!

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