New Spinnaker Bag Design…..!!

milne spinnaker bags 2I had both a new set of P&B and Goacher spinnaker bags available to me to fit to my new Ovington-Milne.

Milne spinnaker bags 3After using these once when I crewed for Peter, I just had to have a set.

Custom made stainless hinges by self, the top lip springs both closed and open.

No shock cord or liens required.

The are not restricted by the vang in any way and you can launch a spinnaker from them (although with greater friction when open) while closed. And they are deep.  Plenty of room for a new crunchy spinnaker and also a few water bottles as well.  Weathermax sides, mesh bottoms and carbon re-enforced mylar top skirt for some show and shine.

milne spinnaker bags 1


David Williamson

  Aus 4023

Cool Change

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