Modifying a Sovereign….!!

hitched upI find the new Sovereign trailer fantastic.  I have made a few mod’s but out of the box (or container in my case) I have been very happy with it.  I am used to a Shand trailer made here in Victoria. It was certainly a more heavily built trailer, but hindsight would suggest over built.  It was heavy to wheel around by myself in the yacht club yard, it always required a rear prop to stop it tipping if I was in it and from memory had quite a bit downward load on the towball, but it did tow well.

natty waterlinenew trailer stepsMy new Sovereign balances beautifully.  Its tow ball weight, while seeming light, proves ideal when towing.  To this point I haven’t felt the need for a rear prop while un-hitched when I may be in the boat.  I am currently building a stainless keel clamp to do away with the two blue webbing straps as seen in the attached photo.

Apart from thinking to myself, “those yellow mudguards have to go!”, the first thing I did mudguards in bluewas order & fit some alloy checker plate side step extensions.  When wet, those as supplied are ideal to slip off and skin your shin’s.  The next was to order a blue mesh trailer bag.  I also have a stainless keel clamp on the go to replace the two heavy blue webbing tie down straps.

David Williamson


(Take a close look at that double waterline …..  I’m a big fan of double wateriness, I admit …. but if you look closely, I think the top colour is chrome!!  Must find out how David did that !! – Ed.) 

3 thoughts on “Modifying a Sovereign….!!

  1. Re: my Shand trailer.
    I must say that in the 12 years I owned my Shand trailer it never once let me down.
    Never a breakage, weld or light. For that matter, I never had a puncture with the many thousand kilometres it travelled behind me.
    There is a distinct difference between these two trailers in terms of the weight of their construction method however I believe both will perform well and owners of either of these product’s are in safe hands.
    I may add that previously for 3 years, I served as Business Manager for Mackay Multilink Trailers which were the second largest marine specialist trailer manufacturer in Australia.
    Cheers, David Williamson Aus 4023

    • Hi Jordan. One could say i had a good year. Both wishes of a new boat (my first one ever) and cetrtianly a brake from all the station wagons I have driven for the past 20 or so years, came through. Yes she is a Maloo. The latest Gen F version R8 in fact with 6.3 litres of mid life crisis under the bonnet. It is indeed however a work vehicle, normally fool to the brim with my tools of trade. It does make going to & from work sites and the yacht club on weekends a pleasure. All the best David.

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