The History of 2887….!!

A short time ago we asked if anyone knew the history of FF2887.  This has come in from Glyn Morgan….

Thanks for this post. Interestingly enough I received a message from one of the Australian FF team members this morning about your post. He’d noticed it and touched base as he used to crew for me in FF2887 many years ago. I sail in 3953 nowadays but can give you the full history and also have a number of photos to send to you if you are interested.

In 1990 myself and a friend decided to build a fifteen. We found a hull (2887) that had been half built by two brothers in Kent, had sat in a dry barn for 10 years but had never been finished. We bought the hull in the winter of 1990/1991 and spent six months building it with a view to sailing it at Bewl. I called it The Welshman

This duly happened and I raced it pretty successfully for a number of years. It won a heap of trophies and I did a number of open meetings, Falmouth week etc in her. At that point I was keen to take it to a Worlds but a friend of mine, Tony Lee who at that time was the chief measurer for the class (and measured it for me) advised that as it had never been registered when new, whist it could enter any event up to and including Europeans it would not be eligible to enter a World Championships as a silver or classic. I therefore took the decision to sell it. 

It was sold to the burser of a school in Kent who didn’t do anything with it for some years. However it suddenly appeared again in the mid 2000’s having been bought by Doug (Spike) Milligan. He and his wife Glennis sailed it at Bewl as an introduction to flying fifteens and once they knew they enjoyed the fleet they sold it on to buy a newer model When they bought it they renamed it Another Celt (I think).

Unfortunately at this point I have no knowledge of where it ended up but hopefully this will give you a better understanding of it’s earlier years. It was a good boat, quick but a bit overweight at the front end. This meant that in a blow it tended to be front heavy when it got water in but in the light it kept it’s momentum very well, particularly on inland waters. Unfortunately for me to have taken the weight out would have cost a lot of money and time that wasn’t really worth it so happily sailed her being heavier than some of my competitors

I have a number of photos of it being built and it sailing if you are interested. Just let me know your contact detail and i’ll send them over to you

Good luck with it, it’s pleasing to know she’s still in existence! Where is she now?

Best regards

Glyn Morgan

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