More on the New EU Sovereign FF Trailer…..!!

A new Sovereign FF Trailer turned up at the Midwinters at Datchet and we were able to grab a closer look.  It was very nicely finished by the way.
Sovereign slide out number plate holder

The number plate bearers were capable of being drawn back, but not to within metre of the transom.  Of course, the trailer was homologated without an FF loaded on so who would know.  I would guess these will get discarded and we shall all stick with our transom light boards until the EU Police catch up with us!!

You can just see the protective keel rollers at the top of the photo.

Sovereign Side Step

The trailer’s sidesteps were great! A good non slip surface and attached to a horizontal bar given effectively increased stepping surface.

Sovereign adjustable mast support

I think the sidearms were shorter than the old model, so correspondingly for mast-roof clearance adjustment, you need some adjustment of the front mast support which you can see here.  Clumsily, I should have taken this photo from the other side, but you can just make out the forward socket unit where the permanent wiring on the trailer meets the temporary wire running to the car.

Sovereign permanent lightsBlog readers will have seen these permanently wired lights before.  Seems a leap of faith in submersible electrics at the EU office….

By the way, overall weight seemed at the same kind of level as the previous model.  It looked like the axle beam may have been generous inverted U section instead of box section, which would have helped.

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