Sailcloth Debate – David Tabb Speaks….!!

A few days ago, David McKee wrote a piece about liberating the type of sailcloth that our rules permit….This is what David Tabb had to say:-

The class has to review what it wants to achieve. I have seen the new rig in Australia and would leave the class if it was adopted.  I have heard the arguments about getting new members but obsoleting existing rigs is the wrong way.   If you want more members then go to championship venues where the class sails.  Bigger turnouts at championships  encourage new members.
2 items in think are important.  New modern sailcloth enhances the image while probably  increasing sail life
Secondly get rid  of the one suit of sails a year.  This would increase good second hand sails to go further down the fleet reducing the costs of staying competitive at club level and with older boats.  The current rule is unfair and disadvantages the keener club racers. I would welcome an open discussion on this point. I can sure many reasons why this would encourage new members.

David McKee replies:-

In response to David Tabb’s comments, I am not suggesting adopting the new sail plan. I have observed a number of one design classes adopting the new sail materials as an option without changing their sail plans. At first they are sceptical but after a season or so almost unanimously they adopt the new cloth. Their boats look up to date. If it works for them could it work for us?

One thought on “Sailcloth Debate – David Tabb Speaks….!!

  1. The one suit of sails a year is a class rule to change it would require a majority vote by the world wide membership not just one association. Whilst there are advantages in getting more second hand sails down the fleet, there are other advantages in limiting the number or suits per year, we should not ignore these in our desire to make progress in thanking the class forwards.

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