Alto Mast Section…..!!

A talk from Charles recently prompted to go and see what was said in the FF Blog about the alto Mast Section last year.  I found that the blog link to the Selden website no longer works.

Seledn Mast Sections

You can though download a brochure and check out the mast section detail there. For the sake of ease, I have inserted the data page above for you to compare Alto and Epsilon.

You can also download it by clicking here.

If you get to printing out the digital brochure, there is a great description of the manufacturing process there. Check out the page about the new “plasma-cut” taper and automated welding.  It sounds to me that there will be much less variation in top-mast flexibility and gust response from now on.

3 thoughts on “Alto Mast Section…..!!

  1. Interesting, looking at that list only Epsilon is tagged for the Flying 15, there is no mention of Alto, so are other sections approved, cumulus was mentioned in the Selden link?

  2. Paul – as I understand the current state of affairs, Selden are very reluctant to make any section other than epsilon for a flying fifteen (see David Hume’s experience, elsewhere in the Blog). In my last conversation with Charles, it sounded like they had got an order batch of 3 masts which was enough to get Selden to agree to make a batch.

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