Waples Wines Northern Travellers – Dates for 2014……!!

Waples Wines Boat logoI hope you had a great Christmas and new year celebrations and I guess you are now in full diet, detox and fitness drive. The final arrangements for the WW series this year are completed. This year the programme is extended to include 5 events as follows




Royal Windermere YC                    26/27 April

Keith Jamieson                 ckjamieson@gmail.com                01539 727665

Ogston SC                                           14/15 June

Jon Ward                             jon@jon-ward.co.uk                      07748 118444

Bassenthwaite SC                            23/24 August     ( alongside the northerns)

Jon Denwood                    jon_denwood@sky.com              07503 210116

Burton SC                                            6/7 September

Malcolm Hall                      all.hall@virgin.net

Dovestone SC                                    27/28 September    ( and final prize giving )

David Mckee                      david.mckee@scanlanscs.com   07836 602084

We retain the two events to qualify. The series will be scored on the boat handicaps of Open – 1020, Silver 1039 and Classic 1051 unless there are new changes from the RYA before the season starts. Ogston, Burton and Dovestone sail the events on the boat handicaps, ideally the other events at Bassenthwaite and Royal Windemere can also do the same. It is understood however that as Bass are hosting the northerns this will not be possible for them this time. Where an event is not sailed on handicap it is vital that they provide me with a set of results produced on a handicap basis ( the times for each race need to be taken).  The Hot shots that will NOT be shown in the series results will be the top 15 crews from the 2013 UK Global rankings as follows

UKGlobal Ranking List 2013

Rank        Helm                         Crew                Sail number

1              Richard Lovering         Matt Alvarado   3955

2              Steve Goacher         Phil Evans            4021

3              Alan Bax                   James Grant       3998

4              Charles Apthorp        Alan Green         3957

5              Greg Wells                 Mark Darling      3920

6              Ian Cadwallader        Dave Sweet        4014

7              Dave McKee            Sally McKee        4005

8              Adrian Tattersall       Tim Smart            3914

9              Simon Longstaff        Jon Denwood    3973

10           Justin Waples           Nick Bacon          3954

11           Simon Kneller           Dave Lucas          3937

12           Robert Hogben            Glynn Morgan   3953

13           John Hanson      Helen Hepworth         3539

14           Dan Challis          Kirsten Challis            3632

15           Chris Waples      Tom Waples                3994

If you have any queries please contact me.

Best wishes

David McKee

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