FF Cranes at Freshwater Bay…..!!

So now you’ve had the news about the Cricket, then I forced you to look at the amazing cranes at South of Perth YC. There’ll be a few brits choking on their porridge now…..

So is there a kind of “next level down” approach with lighter, cheaper cranes tuned to the needs of the FF??  Richard Blaquiere has kindly also sent us some photos from Royal Freshwater Bay YC in Perth.  Take a look at this !!  This is still motorised – see the motor mounted on the boom…

RFBYC cranes 005


Now that’s a bit more… well, British, don’t you think !!??!!

Here’s a few detail shots

RFBYC cranes 006


Note the weight limit

RFBYC cranes arm swivel 010


RFBYC cranes arm swivel 2 011


RFBYC cranes 007


RFBYC cranes 008


RFBYC cranes base 009




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