FF Cranes at South of Perth YC…..!!

Since the blog chatter started off by Helen Hepworth in Hong Kong pointing out that the Aussies all launch FFs by crane, we had additional contributions on cranes from Andy Murphy and Richard Taylor (South Cerney).

Now we suddenly have a flurry of FF crane photos and diagrams to show you!!

The first is from the home of the largest FF fleet in the world (any comment from HISC members??!!) at South Perth, WA.  It’s a pretty stunning and well capitalised setup there, but if there are any UK Commodores reading this you had better sit down….

SoPYC cranes 002

This is pretty industrial scale craning, and reminds me of the setup at Medway YC.  You can see though that some of the cranes have both large and small cranes built in.

SoPYC cranes 001

Uk readers should try to ignore all that blue water, cloudless sky etc.

SoPYC cranes 006

Now you might be thinking, “That’ll take a while – how you cope trying to launch a whole fleet quickly?”

Answer – lots of cranes!!

SoPYC three cranes 003

Thanks to Richard Blaquiere for the fabulous photos!

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