EU Trailer Keel Support….!!

keel support and mudflap

In our recent series of photos from David Williamson about the new EU compliant Sovereign trailer, did you notice the rollers in the keel area??  It adds a bit of weight of course, but relative to the design of my trailer’s keel platform, it will offer better protection for the keel during boat recovery.  Did the previous model Sovereign have these??

axle bearer and suspension unitNote too the way that the mudguard is fully enclosed on the inside face.  Good shot of the mudflap too.

1 thought on “EU Trailer Keel Support….!!

  1. Many thanks for all the information and photos on the new Sovereign trailer which looks to be a well designed piece of kit with lots of interesting details.

    I have an ‘old style’ Sovereign trailer and comparing it with the new one there are a couple of points which I would be interested in further information.

    Firstly the keel rollers (great idea) have displaced the loops for the ratchet strap much further out, so will this mean the angle of the strap is now too shallow to get a good downward pull to lock the keel in place? I like to strap the keel rather than the boat so as not to put pressure on the hull.

    Secondly, my trailer is very nose heavy, placing a lot of load on the ball hitch. Whilst some load is necessary for good towing stability, I wonder if the new design is a bit better balanced with a more moderate load on the jockey wheel and ball hitch whilst retaining enough weight to stop the boat tipping up when launching down a steep ramp?

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