EU Trailers – 2…..!!

lightbaord arrangement

One of the key differences about the shape of the new EU compliant road trailer is the shape of the A frame.

Can you see here that the arms of the A run parallel as they go forward to the nose.  I believe this is to meet the EU requirement that the lightboard (which you can see here in the compact position) needs to be capable of being drawn back to be near rhe stern while towing in Europe.  The parallel arms that the lightboard sits upon can be slid inside the parallel arms of the A frame when you’re not towing.

lightboard arrangemenyt 2

3 thoughts on “EU Trailers – 2…..!!

  1. Keith – you can’t see it in this photo but the EU requirement is that the light board slides back on two parallel arms which are normally stored inside the parallel arms of the A frame (as here) … they are supposed to slide back so that the lights are within a short distance of the transom.

  2. The lighting board shown in this picture is attached to the rear protection system of the trailer. This protection system is both adjustable and demountable, the latter being essential if you intend to launch your boat from the trailer and not use a crane. The Road Vehicle Lighting Regulations 1989 stipulate that any rearward overhang from a trailer lighting system must not exceed 1Metre. Therefore if the rear protection system , with lighting board attached, cannot be adjusted to meet that stipulation then a lighting board will require to be fitted on the transom of the towed boat, or bow if it is being towed t’other way about.

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