Light at the Bow……!!

We’ve spotted a couple of photos lately, which makes you wonder about the direction of bow fittings.

Corby jib tack fitting


The bow of a beautifully refurbished Classic by Corby

apthorp tack fitting


This is the bow fitting on Charles Apthorp’s carbon boat from Composite Craft – I think we can imagine it might be a wee bit lighter!!!  What do you have on your bow??  I have a simple little stainless bracket which is possibly OK.  What else is smart here??  If you look carefully, the triangle slopes in the opposite directions in the two photos above.  On Charles’ boat it looks to me as if the design stops the furler from flopping around when loose and holds it at the right angle.  Clever that !!

But where are we likely to go on bow fittings??  I am hoping we’ll get some detail photos of the new Mk 2 under deck furler from Ovington – which as we shall see could make all this move one to the next level.

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