Parkstone Winter Series Update….!!

1st RunA blustery 20knots met the fleet of 17 boats.  Low tide meant a harbour tour with the fleet going to ‘Amey Group’ twice. This resulted in 2 good beats crossing the main tidal entrance.

3821-3521Andy Osman (Belgian champions) lead at the first mark but were overhauled in the blustery conditions. Chris Gorringe , Graham Scroggie (13th Worlds) and Patrick Keats changed places with Graham and Ben getting the upper hand on the final run to lead a long reach around the North Channel.

2nd RunUnfortunately confusion with a RIB meant Graham took the wrong mark and was passed by Patrick and Chris to win. Patrick is sailing Steve Goachers old boat which he recently bought. Graham interestingly is sailing 3521 which is Steves world championship winning boat.

Next weekend is the final race of the series and is also a race for the ‘Last blast trophy’ presented by sponsors the Mar-Key Group.  Its not too late to come and join us for this trophy race.

If you want to come email myself, David Tabb, ( and I will facilitate entries.

David Tabb



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