EU Trailer – First Look….!!

Have you seen one of the new EU Compliant trailers yet??  I must admit I haven’t as we haven’t had a brand new boat at the Club since they came out.

By great good fortune, David Williamson has kindly sent over a few photos that we shall publish in the coming days for you to take a look.  David lives in Victoria, Australia – and has just taken delivery of the sister Ovington hull constructed at the same time as Graham Vials’ god-like boat !!

You may be wondering how come David needs a UK trailer??  Well, firstly I might say that my daughter lives in Melbourne and does most of her shopping (which is a lot, obviously…) online and has it shipped out there – because the Australia dollar is so strong, it’s cheaper to do that !!  Secondly, the new boat has to be delivered on something, I guess  !!!

We’ll publish the main photo here and look at detail in the days to come.  At first glance, I’d say that it looks like Sovereign have made a nice job of the design.

rear quarter view cropped

(try double clicking to enlarge)

2 thoughts on “EU Trailer – First Look….!!

  1. Interestingly there is a clause in the legislation that allows certain aspects of the new requirements that don’t have to be put in place ” if the trailer is used to launch the boat”. I wonder if trailer builders have a) ignored this b) missed it or c) decided it’s too difficult to apply for two type approvals one for trailers that launch and ones that don’t!

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