More on Pre-Payment Open Meetings…..!!

Keith – Some humour from the north Ho Ho!!

The K1’s held their Nationals at Torbay at the end September this year and the organising club were seeking pre-entry and payment. A week prior to this three day event  the entry was so poor -a handful- that intervention was required and the entry terms were lifted, albeit with a small surcharge for late entries. 29 K1’s turned up on the quayside, which is approx. 40% of the K1’s registered in the UK, it is a new concept and class. Our English weather tumbled it’s dice and we had an unexpected and brisk 4/5 from the south east, with huge seas for the whole 3 days and big smiles all round. So the answer is in there somewhere, it is probably fair to conclude that the rules of commerce are not a huge tick in the box when we contemplate how we are going to spend our leisure time.
Good sailing
David Hume FF3559 & K1-30

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