Paying in Advance for Open Meetings – No !!

With finite budgets for travel, entries and time it makes sense to target quality events with good weather. Travel to Windermere for the Northerns last year or Ullswater for The Lord Birkett Trophy put me off the open circuit in a big way. Personally if I had to pay in advance and had bad weather I would probably never visit a venue again! If the forecast is bad and I choose to miss an event it opens up the chance to do a different event later in the year.

Andy Murphy

(Ed : Just too many Open Meetings on the list maybe?? …)

2 thoughts on “Paying in Advance for Open Meetings – No !!

  1. Generally you’ll tend to find a Northern Championships in the North, clew in the name! We can’t legislate for the weather, two days of no wind is frustrating but picking a date early in the year normally gives some chance of wind but not that year unfortunately not that year. It is what it is and one needs to make the best of it!

  2. Some humour from the north Ho Ho. The K1’s held their Nationals at Torbay at the end September this year and the organising club were seeking pre-entry and payment. A week prior to this three day event the entry was so poor -a handful- that intervention was required and the entry terms were lifted, albeit with a small surcharge for late entries. 29 K1’s turned up on the quayside, which is approx. 40% of the K1’s registered in the UK, it is a new concept and class. Our English weather tumbled it’s dice and we had an unexpected and brisk 4/5 from the south east, with huge seas for the whole 3 days and big smiles all round. So the answer is in there somewhere, it is probably fair to conclude that the rules of commerce are not a huge tick in the box when we contemplate how we are going to spend our leisure time.
    Good sailing
    David Hume FF3559 & K1-30

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