More on Inverted Mainsheet Jammers….!!

apthorp jammerI swapped to one last year, and found it brilliant to use up wind, it does require a different approach at the top mark when bearing off, and reaching, but upwind in a blow, especially when gusty,  brilliant…. I didn’t have to sit up to create the angle to release the main sheet…some will now suggest I don’t lean out, but just occasionally there are “double cheek” days!!


3 thoughts on “More on Inverted Mainsheet Jammers….!!

  1. Can’t just leave it like that Justin ! What’s the technique on a reach then?
    As an aside I’ve just fitted a Sprenger Jammer on my laser 2000, fantastic quality, (they’ve done quality horse tack for years), up there with Harken with the facility to mount the cleat underneath as described.

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