Winter Gusts – Releasing the mainsheet…..!!

Yes – we probably all know that feeling!!  The strong gust hits, you desperatelly struggle to release the mainsheet, you are hanging right out, so cannot flick the sheet upwards – aaarrrggghhh!!!

apthorp jammer

So what about inverting the mainsheet jammer??  Well, it’s worth a thought isn’t it??  Most of us will have not even tried it, so really wont know if it’ll work or not.  I’d been wondering about whether the swivel arrangement would need changing, a different arm angle maybe??

Well, here’s a top flight member of our fleet with the cleat inversion in place.  It might just be as simple as mounting the cleat the other side – dead easy to try for most people.  There has to be a slot in the swivel arm for the new sheet to lead through.  For the moment, I don’t know if I have a slot in mine without taking the covers off!!

Let us know what you think !!

3 thoughts on “Winter Gusts – Releasing the mainsheet…..!!

  1. I swapped to one last year, and found it brilliant to use up wind, it does require a different approach at the top mark when bearing off, and reaching, but upwind in a blow, especially when gusty, brilliant…. I didn’t have to sit up to create the angle to release the main sheet…some will now suggest I don’t lean out, but just occasionally there are “double cheek” days!!


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  2. I have used the upside down cleat on a Contender and 505, worked very well, just different, like the Spinaker pole, up or down???
    Kevin FF 3683

  3. Has anyone tried a Harken Trigger Cleat? It works like a normal cleat, but has a small lever in front of the cleat that can be activated by applying pressure on the main sheet from below. When activated it opens the cams slightly allowing the sheet to be released gradually without the snatching that you get when releasing the sheet in the usual manner. For more details look here –

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