Where to Buy or Sell a Flying Fifteen….??

Where’s best to buy or sell your Flying Fifteen??

Philip Tinsley just pointed me at Apollo Duck’s website where there were a good half dozen boats, including a fabulous ex-world champion boat from Ireland.  Apparently the deal there is that you get posted on the website free for 90 days, and then you pay £6-£7, I think.  Am not sure if that includes photos or not.  To advertise on our Association website costs a fiver – photos free.

Surely the issue for a seller is not actually how much an advert costs, but rather how many people look at the advert??  Once you realise that, you’d only ever post adverts on the FF Association website.  The website traffic to the for sale pages is simply stunning.  Since we launched the fabulous new website, we have consistently had around 6,000 page views per month to the ‘For Sale’ section of the website (around 20,000 views a month to the whole site).  A whole number of the adverts have been read more than 100 times in 30 days.  So, if you are selling a Flying Fifteen, why on earth would you put it anywhere else??  That includes our friends in Ireland who might want to try their chances here. Plus I think you can pay online by credit card now.

It would be good to get time to see what might make some ads more popular to visit than others.  Photos maybe??  I must say, the most obvious thing is asking price!!

Click here to see the ‘For Sale’ statistics from the BIFFA Website for 30 days to Nov 14th. See for yourself!

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