Fifteen Fifteens – and Cowes Classics Week….!!

In recent years, our Club has been celebrating the birthday of our oldest fleet member with a little “family regatta”.  It’s had several formats, and the friendliest of them has seen very large turnouts from the home fleet, regardless of boat age.  People will, it seems, turn out for the light hearted social/sailing occasion.

Malcom Hall was telling me that at Burton they have tried the idea of nominating a day as “Fifteen Fifteens Day” – with the aim of getting most of the home fleet out on the water.  They had a bit of a blowy time, so some stayed ashore – but a dozen fifteens raced that day.  Not a bad idea really !!!!

You might have seen a day or two ago that the Cowes Classic Week got a FF fleet for the first time in 2013.  We think it was perhaps only 3 or 4 boats and Bobby Salmond won it. Actually what a great way to enjoy Cowes without all the usual Cowes Week bustle and prices!!  So Malcolm has suggested we ought to see if we can get fifteen fifteens to the start line at Cowes Classics next year??  How about that as an idea??  There might be some owners in France and Belgium that might come.  I think that the 6 Metres bring along boats of all ages including the modern ones.  Maybe we should do the same to try and get it going – invite classic, silver and open??

Let us know what you think!!

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