Craning Locations – More….

Hong Kong CraningWe ran a news item a week or two ago about craning points, and the crane offered at Broxbourne and Dinard.  Andy Murphy has sent this in….

South Cerney also have a crane as did WPSA. Very civilised keep your feet dry approach to sailing. Cowes Corinthian also had a crane available at their open last year.


It was also noted in Hong Kong that the Aussies have a large preference to launch by crane and not via the slip.  Interesting…..

One thought on “Craning Locations – More….

  1. Craning your 15 in is the only way to go. We used a ramp for many years. VERY wet. We now have THREE cranes at our new hard stand facility at South of Perth Yacht Club. Absolute luxury and now not wet before or after sailing. The 3 visiting Brits ( Bax, Goacher and Hart ) at our National championships in 2012 were very impressed with the facility. There are low cost ways to make cranes for 15’s, as they did in Esperance (worlds 99).

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