Something to Look Forward to Over the Winter….!!

The really observant amongst you will have noticed that this weekend just passed is the same number of days from the Winter Solstice as the Midwinter Championship which will be held at Datchet on Saturday 1stFebruary.  So when it’s dark and cold in the depths of winter, remember what a beautiful day it has been for sailing so that you can look forward to reliving it in February.

A formal NoR will be issued in due course, but for those who can’t wait:  We will be having a one-day event, adopting the sprint format that Draycote has used so successfully, starting at 11.30 (if Grafham can do it, we can!) to get in as many races as possible while allowing you to de-rig in daylight!  However, we would really like you to stay longer – as in previous years, the Datchet Winter Warm-Up series will run through February (starting on Sunday 2nd) and Datchet will host the first Flying Fifteen Open Meeting of the year (the Mercedes Trophy) on Saturday/ Sunday 8-9th March – the weekend after the Dinghy Show.

So when you unpack your boat from the Hong Kong crate, or put it away for the last time before Christmas, don’t forget to set the alarm for the end of January so you don’t miss out.

Mervyn Wright

Fleet Captain, Datchet


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