Worlds Pre-Event Party and Briefing….!!

hong kong skylineToday we had the world championships opening event at the HKYC.  It was a very spectacular affair, starting with a lion dance!!
Winners luckYou’ll notice that the winners of the nationals got some extra Chinese luck (see photo)
For the racing tomorrow, trackers will be optional – lets hope they get taken up!!
This was the pdate on the Typhoon:-
T1 status is already listed. (“T1. This simply means that a Typhoon has been spotted; it will however, be a few days away from Hong Kong. Although it is unlikely that there will be an affect to weather conditions, this warning is intended as a notice for further developments.”)
 If t3 status is raised,  all sailing is off. Tomorrow we will learn more, but  if T3 is listed at 10.30am then no sailing that day  (“T3. Now things are taking a turn for the worse. Winds of up to 110km are expected in Victoria Harbor. You should tie down any objects on balconies and rooftops, and stay away from coastal areas. Depending on the severity of the winds, you may want to stay indoors. However, until winds really pick-up, Hong Kong will carry on as normal, T3’s happen periodically over the typhoon season. Flights may be delayed or cancelled, but it is unlikely.”)
dragon danceWe are advised that we shall have to allow more time to sail further from middle island to get the world champ course.  There will be a 100 m spreader mark at the top mark.
The International Jury was introduced  and we were given a quick briefing   They discussed rule 42 ( pumping ) where you’re allowed to pump to get on a wave and not allowed if you are already surfing….If you do not get surfing on the 3rd pump you may have problems
Tally system is enforced…..
Greg wells then gave a speech. Thanking the club sponsor etc.
Announcements : Next worlds in South France June 2015,  and June 2017 New Zealand
John Hanson
greg wells partyman(Greg during Hypnosis Act…)

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