Southern Travellers Final Review …!!

yellow spinnaker in close up(Classic Winners, John Craddock and Paul Kendall)

Over the four events of the series held at Llangorse, South Cerney, Broxbourne and Middle Nene there were a total of 39 teams competing from 7 Clubs with 8 qualifiers for the overall results.

sts blue spinnakerThe Classic Fleet with 22 entries and 6 qualifiers had the strongest support with 2695 John Craddock and Paul Kendall (Llangorse) taking a firm grip at the top followed by 2606 Bob Tait and Mick Musgrove (Broxbourne) in 2nd, but there was a big shuffle for 3rd at the final event with 2700 Neil Bartholomey and Emma Brown (Middle Nene) coming through strongly.

In the Silver Fleet attracting 9 entries and 2 qualifiers there was a very close result with 3374 Tony Oatley and Tim Greaves overhauling 3288 Alex and Mike Tatlow after the third event.

(Silver winners, Tony Oatley and Tim Greaves)

The Open Fleet had 8 entries from 3 Clubs but, disappointingly, none of the teams qualified for the overall results.

Click here to see the overall results

Everyone who sailed in the Series was full of praise for the organisation, enthusiasm and hospitality shown by the Host Clubs – the evening Dinner and social afterwards at Middle Nene is firmly established as the bench mark for future years!

Plans are already being made for next year with a special focus on how to attract more Open Fleet Teams to join in the series and experience the pleasure and benefits of honing their sailing skills against new competition on different waters.

Any suggestions or ideas on how to get even more “keels onto wheels” to take part in STS 2014 would be welcomed!!

Finally, many thanks to all those who took part this year, both on the water either in the Race Management Teams or as Competitors and on shore as essential support for the whole STS Series, without you we wouldn’t have a Southern Traveller Series!

Richard Taylor 2626

yellow spinnaker 2

2 thoughts on “Southern Travellers Final Review …!!

  1. There isn’t much incentive for open fleet boats to travel to these events. Middle Nene was advertised for classics and silvers only (So was Llangorse initially but a phone call to David Hemmingway elicited the information that there would be an open fleet). Three of the four venues were clubs on smallish lakes and two of them have no Open fleet boats as members. There isn’t much incentive to travel to an event where you might well find that you are the only boat in your class. Larger lakes and open sea have more attraction for weekends away|
    At other open meetings we get good boat for boat racing with the Silver fleet boats and we find it pretty difficult to keep up with some of the Classics, especially when sailing on small lakes. The Silver fleet was almost as thin as the Open this year. How about combining them? Better still, let all three fleets race together, with handicaps, then everyone would know that they had someone to race against. Applying the handicaps at the start rather than the finish might be a bit rough and ready but would make it more fun and simpler for race officers. Start the Silvers a minute after the Classics and the Opens a minute after the Silvers
    If Middle Nene and Broxbourne make their visitors as welcome as they do at Llangorse and South Cerney the Open fleet owners (Particularly the 34s and 35s) are missing out on some great weekends by ignoring the Southern Traveller events.
    (Please don’t think that having one day events instead of two is going to attract more entries. A ff is a B***** to rig and unrig, and trailing anything is not much fun. Worth putting up with for 5 races over 2 days but we wouldn’t make the effort for a one day event).
    Bill Anderson and Sally Farrant. ff3453

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