Hong Kong – Typhoon Forecast…..!!

It’s a lay-day in Hong Kong today, pending the Worlds starting tomorrow.  There’ll be a fair amount of relaxing ongoing, mixed in with a bit of boat fettling.

weather mapOne thing they have to deal with is a possible typhoon in the weather forecast. That’s at least 73mph of breeze…., with buckets of rain probably – as much breeze as just had us running for cover in UK.  Fingers crossed that it misses Hong Kong.  You’ll see in the photo below that the RHKYC are fitting restraining wires to the compound, and the boats are being tied down to them.

tied down boatSo what of the racing in the last few days??  Well, to start off with – nobody dominant, so consistency pays. Lots of race winners, in fact.  Have you enjoyed the replays on Tacktracker?  We can tell from the Blog statistics that  dozens of people have been following the racing that way.  It’s a relief that it’s speeded up of course(!), but it’s a really good way for family and friends to follow the action.

quiet boat park 1I was gazing at races 5 and 6 at the side of my sick-bed last night and it struck me what a tribute to longevity of the Ovington product the racing has become.  As you use tacktracker to follow the leading groups you can see brand now boats tussling it out with FFs that are often 5 years old and more.  It’s a real credit to the builder.

Now – talking of the builder!!  We clearly have emerging heroes in Graham Vials and Chris Turner. Graham is a solicitor in employment law in the North (you can look Graham up on Linked in) and Chris of course is the key man for FFers at Ovington.  4004 will not be your bog standard fifteen, I imagine.  One of the blog correspondents from down under says 4004 was built as one of a pair and he has the other one.  If I were there I’d quickly pop the camera inside the hatches to see what IP may be hidden within!  I understand too that the Mark 2 version of under-deck furling is installed (I really do hope that Ovington get this cracked), and you may all have recently seen the video on the Blog of the bailers you can open and close from hanging out!!  Anyway – we shall see.  If it turns out to be a winner again for Graham and Chris, perhaps Ovington will let us exhibit it at the next Dinghy Show. We shall see.

drying kit

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