Hints and Tips for Using Tacktracker….!!

  1. If all you get is “grey screen” when you select a race to watch, then you need to install a plugin called “microsoft silverlight”.  It works for Windows and Mac, and for iPads there is an App available.
  2. If you have downloaded silverlight and still get a grey screen, then you need to quit and restart your browser.
  3. When the boats are bunched up near the start, you will want to manually zoom in to see the detail, but once the race is underway, at the first mark for example, the click on “auto” and the system zooms and pans automatically.
  4. Remember to hit “fullscreen” to stand a better chance of seeing the detail
  5. You can adjust where in the race you want to be viewing by dragging the little boat in the timeline along the bottom of the screen to the right (forwards in time) or left (backwards in time)
  6. I’ve only just noticed that the clock runs maybe double speed to stop you getting bored!!

tacktracker logo

Now click here and try it out !!

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