Tornado Hits Hayling Island – Importance of Tying Down….!!

Putting It Away

We have a rule at our Club that all parked boats should be tied down.  I don’t suppose for a moment we have 100% compliance to that rule. It’s not a rule just for dinghies, of course.

You’d think an FF was heavy enough to be secure probably.  When I had my first brand new fifteen, I had the nose of the boat lift out of the trailer support in a gale – as a result nowadays, I always tie the nose in when parked. Around about ten years ago, in the Datchet Winter Warmup, we had Brett Dingwall’s Fifteen blow clean out of its trailer and bounce down the slope below….  those of you who helped carry it back up will remember.  So we never forget to tie our trailer down when parked.

Now, take a look at this


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