Datchet Coaching – Jeremy Davy on Spinnaker Flying….!!

Spinnaker Flying

BIFFA recently ran a coaching day at Datchet, with our Coach for the day being BIFFA President, Jeremy Davy.

We have a number of videos to show you, spilt into three groups – today we focus in two videos on spinnaker flying.  Turn your sound up to hear Jeremy’s commentary !!

It was a gentle day as far as the breeze was concerned, which for video may have been a good thing!


You will be looking to keep the spinnaker luff curling, but not solely by trimming either the guy or the sheet.  You generate more forward power as a rule by squaring off the pole as much as you can without causing the spinnaker to go tight across the foot. Keep playing the guy as well as the sheet, and use the cleat beside the shroud to maximum effect. Now see the videos….


This next video is a trial of a system called videopress


Video above…..

2 thoughts on “Datchet Coaching – Jeremy Davy on Spinnaker Flying….!!

  1. Hi, very interesting and could make a big difference to my weak area which is down wind sailing. What do you mean about, squaring the pole? Thanks

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