WWNT – Burton Open Race Report….!!

Waples Wines Boat logoBurton Sailing Club held their Flying Fifteen open last weekend, sponsored by Waples Wines, and the third round of the Northern Travellers.   It saw 14 boats take to the water, 2 classics, 9 opens and 3 silvers.   With visitors from five clubs in attendance, it was sure to be a good weekend.

The weather, dark and dismal opened up to warm sun, T. Shirt and shorts weather for the whole of the weekend, winds were light but from a steady direction leading to some consistent racing.


Course was well laid with the fleet split equally up the beats and the runs, leading to some very tactical racing and the scary sight of the whole of the fleet rolling down on top of you if you got it wrong.


Notable to mention was the first time outing in an open for local crews , Gary Sheridan, Andy Allen in FF 3595 and Grant Pollard, Jessica Leek in FF 3357…With both crews showing their ‘have a go’ side, whilst playing with the experienced crews, good show and thank you.


Race 1 saw 4 opens break away from the main fleet with a silver in hot pursuit.   Five laps sailed, saw this order pretty much to the end through the silver put in an excellent performance to take 3rd place on handicap.


Race 2 required the relocation of the committee boat and a short hold up while the wind settled down.   A cracking start saw 2 opens and a silver break away with the newer boats gradually extending on the silver and due to a lull the rest of the fleet catching up.   Tight racing ensued with the whole fleet 3 or 4 boats abreast around the marks.   Everyone finished within a leg of each other.


Race 3 had some stronger (still tight) winds that helped the heavier crews to make some come back and pick up a place or time.


The day ended with a one point separation between the lead boats and a silver in third place.   This says it all about the Flying Fifteen, old and new, sailed well, they motor!

Day 2 brought even more sun and lighter but steady winds, leading to some wide courses as people chased the wind.

Race 4 saw the usual leaders and close followers, so what was happening further down the fleet? well quite a lot actually one boat retired due to technical problems, but the rest had some very close racing, positions being pretty constant but fought  none the less – Two opens and two classics setting the pace and trading places on the long, long run down the pond.


Rose 5 saw an enthusiastic start with everyone over the line, and a general recall.   The Race Officer black flagged the next start and everyone got away clean.   The pin end was the favourite but the port end boats scored better wind that shook up the whole pack and set a completely new batch of lead boats at the windward mark.   With all three types finding themselves with new competition and challenges, lots of dirty air and compromised decisions, again everything that makes the FF such a fun boat whatever the age.


RESULTS       1st David  and Sally McKee

2nd Arthur and Andrew George

3rd Alan Stone and John Howlett

1ST SILVER   Malcolm and Elliott Hall

1ST CLASSIC   Pete Needham and Brian West

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