Launching Fifteens by Crane……!!

Did you notice that the poster for the Broxbourne Open says they have launching by crane??  I think that Torbay used to crane as well. As does Dinard I think.

I used to be fine about craning my Dragon – it’s dry and convenient once you have it set up.  Andy Murphy had his FF built with craning points  – basically two eyes screwed on to the keel bolts most over the centre of gravity.  That’s where your sling attaches.  When the boat is up in the crane, the next issue is how to steer it in the air, or at least control its spinning. You do this with a pair of lines – one at the bow and one attached to the stern. You can obviously use the painter in its normal position at the bow, but ideally you have little loops at the gunwhale near the stern to attach a rear control line. Then you’re done!!

On my 2012 boat I decided like Andy to have it fitted from new. You never know when a trip to Dinard might arise!! Or Broxbourne !!!

2 thoughts on “Launching Fifteens by Crane……!!

  1. South Cerney also have a crane as did WPSA. Very civilised keep your feet dry approach to sailing. Cowes Corinthian also had a crane available at their open last year.

    • For those clubs that don’t have a crane, is anyone aware of a portable hoist that can be used to suspend a FF off its trolley for work on the underside? I imagine the sort of thing you use to pull an engine out of a car (or at least used to before cars became so complicated!)…

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