A new 2 man keelboat from Ovington….

A couple of days ago we published some comments from Ivan Coryn on a new product development at Ovington, called the VX One. This is what Paul  Taylor has to say

Looks like a modern asymmetric Flying 15 with all the trimmings, That would be attractive to a lot of people, self tacking jib, carbon spars, gnav, self draining, single string asymmetric kite.

Ovington would be competing against themselves, odd. Is there another agenda?

Paul Taylor

(Ed: it has always seemed to me that when people buy an FF they are partly doing it for the beautiful boat, but a large part is that you are buying into “FF fleet racing”.  So not being complacent, but buyers who want proper racing are taking big risks with their money when they fancy a new model…Don’t you agree?  Thinks,…. Laser 5000, Boss, Breeze, K6 etc – dare I say Elite?  I just noticed that the crew weight range is 170-205KG, 2-3 people.  So it’s a bit of a handful – and believe me, keeping a 3 person boat staffed  up is just a pain. I wonder if the weight range statement should read  “2 Americans, or 3 Europeans” – :-))))) They grow ’em large over there…)

4 thoughts on “A new 2 man keelboat from Ovington….

  1. I think it’s a cheaper better built alternative to SB20, J70 etc, we are seeing a rise in this class of boat and it would be silly for Ovington to ignore this market. I think FF occupies a different space.

  2. I had a look at the hull of the VX 1 this week – it was in residence at the Welsh Harp for a trailer fit – and my first impression was to question the need for a keel, because it was so wide and is definitely a design of the performance dinghy/skiff style.

    Well made as you would expect from Ovington, but not a direct competitor to the Fifteen I believe, as the VX 1 would seem to offer the best next step for a maturing 49er sailor or even a geriatric skiff sailor, who had kept their friends!

  3. Now there is a very salient point Rodger ! Price of a F15 hull only £8900 so double that for spars, sails, fit out and trailer. Price of the VX1 = VXone + trailer: $28,950.00 and Vandercraft do the K2 for £8K, not quite the same boat I know but not far off !!
    We all love the F15 but thats a lot of money to buy into a fleet !

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