Europeans….and Dates….!!

We’ve had quite a few comments about the Europeans  – and the dates thereof…  14th-19th September 2014… Here’s two of the comments:-

“Just as the kids go back to school???”    – Andy Murphy

I’m sorry Andy but we can’t please everybody. The months of July and August are out as the port is over-run with tourists. We just wouldn’t have room for a Championship. The prices of Hotels are much higher and more difficult to find. September is a wonderful month to come to Mallorca but we do realise it is not always easy with a family.

Michael Clough

Whilst I wish the event all the best and am really grateful to all the hard work of Michael & his volunteers, the timings really do make this event a very hard sell. Is there no chance we can run this in school holidays ? I doubt if any boats will come from Chew.

Ian Cadwallader

1 thought on “Europeans….and Dates….!!

  1. I have to agree with Ian here, I’m sure Mallorca would be a good venue but these dates are a show-stopper for me. The Garda Europeans was fantastic, we made it a family holiday too, and I was intending to do the same for the 2014 Europeans. But there’s just no way I can do a sailing event outside the UK unless I can combine it with a family holiday – time pressures and work just won’t allow it, and I’m sure that’s the case for many.

    Bill Chard, Chew Valley

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