Internet Bad for Race Turnouts…??

I recall many years ago visiting the Sydney Flying Squadron, home of 18 ft skiff racing, and hearing that according to tradition the weather doesn’t really matter – they always go out and race regardless of conditions.

I wouldn’t say that our Club FF fleet exactly goes out in all conditions (!), but we do have a reputation for getting a fleet out racing whenever we can, and more so than the other classes.  This brings me to a very interesting snippet from Yachts and Yachting last month – the idea that the internet is killing race turnouts.

The suggestion was that people check the internet for the weather before leaving home, and if it looks too light/heavy (delete as appropriate) then they stay at home under the duvet.  Sure enough, our total race turnout at the Club does rather feel that way. It’s a shame of course, because we get very tactical and skillful sailing in the light and a blast of a ride in the heavier stuff. I would say that at our Club, as soon as the wind looks like 15 knots or more, the race turnouts start to decline.

Ring a bell with you??


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