What About Holding Northerns and Southerns as part of Regatta Weeks??

Championship Venue Selection – Tom received a very interesting viewpoint from Grayson Eacott last eek. This is what Grayson had to say……

There was a time when we used to see more than 25 FFs in Falmouth week – by the way, there were only 3 FFs there at my last visit.  I have also sailed at Fed week, Chichester,  in fleets of over 25 ff’s. Do the class as a whole need to return to sharing venues with organised weeks for a number of years so that many other fleets and sailors can see that the class can give strong and competitive sailing?? Cowes week is also available. Should we be supporting fledging FF fleets at centres like Falmouth by running Regional Championships there as part of their week? Going to venues such as WPNSA may give good waters and race teams but very little in the way visual advertising to other fleets or the costs involved for each event as shared events can have lower costs.

One thought on “What About Holding Northerns and Southerns as part of Regatta Weeks??

  1. What a great idea. Can I suggest running the nationals along side Poole Week. Parkstone did a great job this year of hosting forty F15s for the Southerns and at the same time still managed to run the RS500 nationals and Poole Week. This would bring many advantages over the usual format –
    – There is plenty for both sailing and non-sailing members of the family to do.
    – A four day nationals would only need one day off from work.
    – It would be a great showcase for the class.
    – It would be in the school holidays, so those of us employed in the education sector would be able to attend.
    – The catering and social events at Poole Week are excellent.

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