More on the Hard Chine Flying Fifteen….!!

A short while ago, we ran an item on the hard chine flying fifteen…  This little piece of news came in via email today.

This hard chine F15 (the Hobbit) was built out of Kauri Ply in the early 1960’s in Invercargill, NZ. Not sure of its early history but it spent time in Wanaka before going to TImaru in the 80’s, then it was donated to the Friendly Bay Boat Society a few years ago and is now our club boat. We had it in the water 2 summers ago, and it should be back in the water in a few months once the bottom and bilges are sealed and painted. 

We’re also planning to install lifting points as the ramp facilities in Oamaru can be a bit tricky in a swell, does anybody have details of where lifting points should be attached? 


1 thought on “More on the Hard Chine Flying Fifteen….!!

  1. The forward slinging eye utilises one pair of keel bolts the aft slinging eye is mounted on the hog not far from the aft tank. You will have to play around with the positions to get the correct balance.

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