UK Championships – What Venues Work….??!!!

The class has a problem in that it wants to appeal to new members yet goes to clubs like Weymouth which have no boats.  Take out the bulk of the Parkstone boats and the turnout would have been no better than the previous year.  You are out of the top fleet list which is where non members see we are a strong class.  So put events at clubs with boats.  You will look bigger and better. Get better racing and hopefully attract new members.  PS forget the new rig idea and concentrate on better turn outs.

David Tabb

One thought on “UK Championships – What Venues Work….??!!!

  1. Venues that work are holiday destinations perhaps we should revisit our traditional venues from the past i.e.
    Clyde Falmouth Torquay Strangford Cowes etc. .
    and to appeal to the club sailor and classic and silver sections one race per day over 5 days with 4 to count it worked well in the past when we had regular turnouts of 70 plus boats so why not now

    Bobby Salmond

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