Europeans – What Venues Work….??!!

When thinking about the next Europeans, Justin Waples is very clear about ingredients that make a BIG event….

The main strength I believe  of the Europeans are that the ff class should take the opportunity go to a venue where it’s fun both on and off the water, the success of past venues has been the good sailing and most importantly the après sailing it has been possible to walk to restaurants and bars, so everyone meets up.  La Rochelle, Kinsale, and Garda that I went to worked exceptionally well for those reasons, and although I didn’t do the Majjorcan event (I did the Worlds there, which were great).


3 thoughts on “Europeans – What Venues Work….??!!

  1. The class has a problem in that it wants to appeal to new members yet goes to clubs like Weymouth which have no boats. Take out the bulk of the Parkstone boats and the turnout would have been no better than the previous year. You are out of the top fleet list which is where non members see we are a strong class. So put events at clubs with boats. You will look bigger and better. Get better racing and hopefully attract new members. PS forget the new rig idea and concentrate on better turn outs.

  2. The best European events I have attended are Garda, Dinard, Benodet and the Belgian Nationals. Timing seems as important as the social scene. A fantastic venue and great weather can also be ruined by ISAF race officers. Keep the race management local, this is more important than a venue that sails 15s in my opinion. For me tha magic ingredients are good sailing on a variety of courses, good local accommodation and restaurants and then a great welcome from the host club – Dinard and SNEH in Belgium have got this very well arranged. Sailing where there are no native 15s could be a great opportunity to grow and develop the international class.
    What about KSSS in Stockholm? Plenty of other sports boat classes and some world class teams in an amazing City centre location.

  3. If you are looking for an exciting venue to host the Europeans and would like to try something different how about considering the Lerwick Boating Club in Shetland. This is a suggestion that was put to me by Dick Batt whilst I was on the phone to him today, so I thought I would put the idea out there and see if there wer any takers. We have a track record for hosting European Championships on the Island having hosted the Fireball Euros in 2003 with between 50 & 60 boats from all over Europe and again this year we are hosting the 2014 Fireball Europeans. The fact that they are keen to come back speaks for itself. Everthing is in place for a great event any thoughts?

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