Weathermax Covers….!!

Have you seen that P&B have a cover sale on till the 31st August – 15% off. Extremely good value!!  (Contact P&B for details)

You can elect to have it made in Weathermax material.  We have a couple of these now at our Club, so it’s interesting to see how they are getting on.  Datchet has a climate that is very harsh to boat covers (we think it is Heathrow air that does it…), and I noted with interest that P&B say theirs are guaranteed for five years.

I must say, at one year old our cover (by Goacher Sails), is certainly wearing well. Normally I would expect to replace after five or six seasons at Datchet and this one feels like it has aged very little in the first twelve months. It’s still very light, crisp and mould free.  The only thing I have noted so far that it is so much thinner than the “old stuff” that it can wear through at rub points when towing. I tighten my trailer arms up on the road, and on one side we’ve popped through the fabric there.  On the next cover, if I ever get one (!), I’ll ask for an extra strengthening panel there.

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