Online Race Tracking……!!

Do you Cycle?

I spend more time cycling than sailing – well in the summer anyway!!  I always use a little iphone application called Strava. The phone sits in your pocket but uses GPS to record the whole ride, gather statistics etc.  In short, it’s terrific.

Just before the Weymouth Nationals we were offered some kind of online race tracking service, but the fee was not something we could entertain.

You may be a user of the PredictWind weather forecasting system?  They seem to have just launched an iphone/android app that sets about the Strava idea for sailors…..  You download the app to your phone, and then you either set it to be a participant or a spectator.  Sounds very good if that’s the case….!!

Has anybody tried it?? Lets us know if you have.

Click here to see their link



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