Weymouth as a Venue….!!

I suspect that the nearness and attractiveness of the Worlds had an impact on attendance at Weymouth. I thought it was a good venue with excellent local accomodation and it was easy to leave the car unused all week if you did not mind wheeling your kitbag around.

We have been looking at Parkstone accomodation for next year. This is a challenge because there is no accomodation to speak of in walking distance so someone has to drive after every social event. Again a great sailing location.

Garda had everything you could ask for and I for one would go back there every year (UK nationals in Garda anyone?).

A venue that I used a lot in the time I sailed International 14s was Falmouth. I know that there has been redevelopment on what was used as the boat park, but perhaps we can think about this place. Great town to walk in and good accomodation again and a great sailing area.

Simon Thompson

One thought on “Weymouth as a Venue….!!

  1. I think we could have the nationals Europeans and worlds at Lake Garda it’s a fantastic place great sailing love the après sailing. Riggy

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