What Makes a Good Championship Venue….??

FFNatsMon 180lrWe had forty teams turn out at the Weymouth Championships.  To be honest, given 2012 and the Olympics I was a little surprised.  We had 36 at Largs last year – it’s a long way to travel for some I know…  But forty at Weymouth – I am really surprised.  I’ve heard some say that the Monday to Friday annual leave absorption was a problem (a WPNSA restriction), but still….. We wont make the Y&Y “Big Fifty” Class Review at this rate!!

All this begs in my mind, what makes a good venue??  Lets set aside the week long versus long weekend format for a moment.  I don’t recall any problems with La Rochelle – which by the way, is a sailing centre not even a Club as such. They make a business out of running Championships in the main. Garda was very popular too.

Well, one key thing is the catering and “eating out” choices. In La Rochelle we were able to crawl from where our boat was parked (a necessity for some!) to a whole stack of restaurants and eat at a different place each night.  From memory, Garda has lots of choice in the vicinity too. Largs had a good buzz and the Club catered hard, but there wasn’t too much to choose from in the town.

Bidding for upcoming Regional, National and Europeans seems to be a topic at BIFFA HQ this week.  Both the eating arrangements/choices and date sequence are getting heavy consideration.

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