Buzz from the Association AGM….!

By all accounts, this year’s AGM was a pretty quiet affair.  There is still a school of thought that we should be pushing the “New Rig” proposals, but word from FFI is that the Australians are not at all keen.

Amongst that were two associated proposals – one that we might reduce the minimum weight a little and secondly that Mylar is allowed as a sailcloth.  On both these subjects when tested with Opinion Polls on the FF Blog in 2012 we got overwhelmingly “No” reactions.  So if they did get to a member vote, I feel most likely they would be rejected.

1 thought on “Buzz from the Association AGM….!

  1. I was at the agm…..(few were there) I don’t recall any mention of sail design change, a huge pity in my few, it would enable lighter crews to be able to be truely competitive in higher winds, the boat would and be more attractive to a wider audience, the actual boat with the proposed shape of the main, made the load on the mainsheet so much lighter when I tried them in Kinsale at the Europeans…yes it was that long ago) the boat truly came alive…personally I think the class has really missed a trick, but with no enthusiasm from those on the FFI committee it will never gain any momentum Actual cost of this …no more than existing sails?!


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