Daily Benchmark Prizes at The Nationals….!!

Benchmark Prizes at the Nationals

Here is an example of how the class has been able to use the National Ranking Series. This year at the Nationals daily prizes were awarded to those who best outperformed their benchmark, which was created from the results in the NRS.

The boat that achieved the highest points differential between their race result and their benchmark would be the highest achiever. The benchmarks were created using all the results from 2012 and the current standings in 2013. Points were only awarded for outperformace (ie: no negative scoring). The table below shows who won the daily prizes (note that the helm cannot win on successive days).

Best outperformers on a daily basis





Sail Number Benchmark Outperformance
Day 1 Simon Spolton

Pip Hudson

Parkstone YC

Broxbourne SC





30 points

Day 2 Steve Douthwaite

Nick Taylor

Derwent Resevoir

Grafham Water SC





31 points

Day 3 Bob Alexander Parkstone YC



29 points

Day 4 (1 race) Steve Randle Parkstone YC



16 points

Day 5 Graham Scroggie Parkstone YC



24 points


Over the course of the 9 races during the week Simon Spolton from Parkstone outperformed his best benchmark by 170 points. Pip Hudson (Broxbourne) was in second, having outperformed by 120 points, and in third were Nick Taylor (Grafham Water) who was 97 points better than their benchmark.

When creating these benchmarks there were a number of teams that had not competed in enough events to be able to gauge an accurate idea of the relative performance. For example in 2012 only 33 teams (of the 155) had competed in at least three events, and only 26 so far (of the 167) in 2013 have been at more than three events. As more teams compete in more events over a period of time, the benchmark will reflect their results and be an ever better gauge of their relative performance.

( Click here to see the table )

Tom Waples

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