Season Peaked….??!!

Goacher F15Perth,jpgSo we’ve finished with the Nationals… you’d think the season would go quiet now, would you??  Well, NOT a bit of it!!

Our GBR team for the worlds packs into containers around the 2nd September, and between now and then you might consider:-

  • – The Big Week Format…. Coming up we have Bassenthwaite Week (contact Ian Preston), Kipford Week and Falmouth Week.  My racing partner , Howard, has very fond memories of Falmouth – if I recall correctly each day is supported by a different Club.  My kids were taught to sail down there – I can’t tell you how gorgeous it is.
  • – then the Scottish Travellers hit Portavadie in Mid August for the Helensburgh Regattta
  • – the week after, of course, we have the Southerns at Parkstone!  What a venue it is there! Now what would you think if a future Europeans would be held there? Would that be more or less popular with you than a Lake Garda, Lake Como type venue???  What do you think??  Let us know.
  • – the last part of the month we have two events on the list – the Open at South Cerney and also the Irish Nationals at Waterford!!  If you can’t do Hong Kong, don’t have the time maybe, have you considered doing the Irish at Waterford. It’s a brilliant spot!!

You can see the full BIFFA fixture list by clicking here.

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