Where do you put your keys…??!!

When you go sailing, where do you put your car keys??

I admit that under the probably misplaced belief that it’s waterproof, I take mine with me.  Maybe you leave yours in the changing room?  Or you have one of those waterproof boxes    (I have one somewhere) to put round your neck, or tie it to the inside of the boat somewhere??

key vault


(double click to enlarge)

John Hanson uses one of these !!  A “Frostfire Mooncode Car Key Safe”…. Very clever I reckon.  A lockable box (tumblers) which attaches to, well , anything.  John attaches his to his tow bar, as you can see.  It’s big enough to take keys and a credit card maybe.

£15.99 on Amazon.


One thought on “Where do you put your keys…??!!

  1. Very good idea, but if the car disappears and the keys were hanging on the back, albeit in a safe, how would the insurers view it? Might be worth a check to find out……

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