FFI Rule Change Proposals…..!!

Those FFI Rule Changes – what are they ???

We are asked to vote on six items – nothing too contentious this time.

1/ If you have won a World Championship Title (Steve , pay attention!!)  you can have a gold coloured insignia on your mainsail.  Our version of the yellow jersey – a nice idea, I reckon,

2 and 3/  You are allowed sail shape indicator stripes on your main and jib.  Another good idea (as I get older)

4/ FFI at its discretion may not require sails for measurement at Events if they were already measured under the new ISAF IHC system.  Very sensible….

5/ Tidying up definitions of “Officer” and “Executive” in the Constitution and clarifying what the Commodore does.

6/ Obliging National Associations to copy AGM Minutes to FFI.  Sensible.

So all easy – lets outvote New Zealand in 2013 !!

Click here for the full set of rule change proposals.

Click here for the ballot form

If you’ve run out of time, print the form, fill it in, scan the image and email it to the BIFFA Secretary.


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